Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sarasponda Orff and Rhythm Sticks Grade 5

The past two weeks in music 5th graders learned the Dutch folk song "Sarasponda". This song is made of nonsense words that are meant to imitate the sounds of a spinning wheel.

Students first rotated through a set of instruments including the Orff barred instruments, maracas, finger cymbals, and tambourines. We used this wonderful arrangement from bethsnotesplus.com. She is one of my favorite bloggers and always has beautifully clear notations and helpful lesson ideas. You can find her arrangement of Sarasponda here.

5B Sarasponda on Orff

5T Sarasponda on Orff

During week 2 students learned a rhythm stick routine to Sarasponda. I got the fun (and somewhat challenging!) routine from this video. I believe the linked video is of music education majors during an elementary education course.

5B Sarasponda Stick Routine

Two girls share their learned stick routine (sorry for the background noise).

These students got creative and two sets of partners crossed over each other during the routine.

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